Our Guarantee

General terms and Conditions

  • The minimum age for participation in our Spanish courses is 16. We require a parental signature if the student is under 18.
  • Please note that all cancellations must be in writing.
  • If cancellations occur up to three weeks before the course starts we will charge a fee of 45 €.
  • If a cancellation is made within the three weeks prior to the start of the Spanish course, your 90 € deposit will not be reimbursed. However, you will be able to use this deposit within 6 months to sign up for a course.
  • No cancellations or changes can be made after the course has begun, and no refunds will be given if you choose to leave before the end of the course. If you find an alternative student to take your place, you will not have to pay any cancellation fees.
  • No cancellation of accommodation can be made. If you wish to extend your stay for days or weeks, or request a new accommodation, you must file a request form in the office. 
  • To cancel an individual class or to make a change of day or time it is necessary to write an email to info@delengua.es before 18.00 the day before, otherwise, these classes cannot be recovered and must be paid. Please pass by the office and fill in a specific form for your request; it will be signed and stamped by the school.
  • Minimum number of students is 3. If the minimum number is not reached, students will receive a reduced time of lessons as follows: in case of 2 students, they’ll receive 2 hours per day (the two thirds of the expected time), in case of one student, he/she will receive one hour and a half per day (50% of the expected time).
  • Individual classes: individual classes are for a single student. If two or more people want a class, they must contract group private classes.
  • Course or individual class extensions: to extend it is necessary to write an email to info@delengua.es or communicate it in the office before Wednesday at 18.00. If it is done later, we cannot guarantee that there will be a place for you next week. Please pass by the office and fill in a specific form for your request; it will be signed and stamped by the school.
  • Payment: if payment has not been made in advance to your arrival, payment is necessary on the first day of the course (the course can be paid for with card, but the accommodation must be paid for in cash). Any course extension made after your initial start date must be paid for at the time of asking for the extension.
  • To receive the certificate of attendance, it is necessary to attend a minimum of 80% of the classes. This specifies: the start and end dates of the course, the number of classes received, the number of weeks and the level of the course. The certificate issued is exclusive to Escuela Delengua and is not valid as an official document, in accordance with the legislation of the non-formal education.
  • Coming back to Delengua: we’ll charge you the extension price (cheaper) if you wish to come back to Escuela Delengua within 8 weeks after the end of your course.
  • Escuela Delengua can take photographs or videos of students to promote their services on different channels (social networks and website). If you do not agree, please send us an email to info@delengua.es and we will respect your decision.
  • Fees published during this year will override any subsequently referred to.
  • Your contact details will only be used to send you information about our courses, and will not be passed on to third parties. You also have the right to check, change and delete your details from our database at any time by sending us an e-mail.

Terms for Accommodation

  • Accommodations run from Sunday to Saturday. You can ask about extra nights, with an extra cost.
  • You can arrive to the accommodation from 12 pm, on Sundays. 
  • The leaving time is 11 am, on Saturdays.

Terms for Pick up service

  • Timetable for pick up service: 08.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.
  • The pick up service from 11.01 p.m. to 07.59 a.m. will be charged at 150% of the daytime price.
  • In case of your flight being delayed, the first hour of our staff waiting for you is included in the price of the service. Any further hours they have to wait will be charged at 15 euros per hour.

Spanish Courses: Satisfaction Policy

If for any reason you consider that our services are not of the quality advertised, you can write a letter of complaint and deliver it to our office within the first three days of your stay. We endeavour to investigate the problem and find a solution within two working days, otherwise we will refund your money.
In the case of misunderstandings or misinterpretations between the student and the language school Delengua, we will contact an independent court of arbitration to verify whether the situation requires the application of our satisfaction policy.


We recommend that you take out an insurance policy before your trip. Insurance is not included in the price of the course. European Union citizens are advised to bring their European Health Card that provides free public health assistance.