Meet our team!

The Escuela Delengua team is made up of a group of people whose passion is Spanish as a way of life. This will make you feel part of the "Delengua family" from the first moment.

Believe us: that you can solve your doubts before, during or after your stay, express your needs or obtain the necessary information, are our objectives. Of course! The maximum satisfaction for Delengua is that you learn and improve your Spanish but, above all, that your experience is unique and successful.

For this reason, our team has a mandatory uniform: smile, kindness, respect, information and trust. Each Delengua member combines all of this with their own personal accessories that make each of them genuine and valuable!

We are committed to Spanish and to the Spanish way of life, will you join us?





Ángela Aguilera Expósito
María P.

Academic coordinator - Head of studies:

Ángela Aguilera


(Administration, communication, student care, information and registration):

María P.
Laura Picinelli
Michaela Tichá

Teaching staff:

Ángela Aguilera
María José Ruiz
María García

Cultural activities:

Michaela Tichá

Accommodation and groups:

The direction staff