Business Spanish Course

Within this course you will improve your Spanish for business purposes. We will study vocabulary that is used in Spanish companies or the international market. The exact subjects of study can be adapted to your specific needs.
Complementary course to the Intensive Course:

  • Classes: 4 classes daily (Intensive Course) plus 2 additional daily classes on business
  • Starting: every Monday
  • Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Levels: from B1
  • Groups: 1 to a maximum of 5 students per class

Business Spanish

Complementary course to the Intensive Course (you will have 4 Spanish language classes daily, as well as 2 Business Spanish classes per day).

Business Spanish Course

Our Business Spanish Course is aimed at all those who want or need  improve their Spanish for business purposes. If you are a professional in the business world, or a student of Economics, Business Studies, or a similar subject; the Business Spanish course offered by the Escuela Delengua will be of interest to you.

Content of the Business Spanish Course


Feel free speaking spanish!

In the Business Spanish Course, we deal with the specific vocabulary used in Spanish companies and in international commerce.

Practical Business Skills

In the Business Spanish Course, you will learn how to perform practical tasks in Spanish that will help you in the world of business. The exact topics that we cover will be adapted to the needs of the students, but some of the activities that you will practise could include:

  • Telephone calls
  • Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Presentation skills
  • Interviews and job offers
  • Business letters
  • Writing a CV


As well as vocabulary and practical skills, you will gain a general understanding of the Spanish economy. We will analyse the various sectors of the economy: we will look at how businesses and banks function as well as taxes, the stock market, imports and exports and the relationship between Spain and the rest of the EU. We will study topics of macro and micro economics, business administration, economics and politics and the commerical organisation of a country. You will also learn publicity techniques employed by Spanish businesses. We use authentic material including newspaper and magazine articles, to give you a true vision of the current business world.