Specific Spanish Course

Specific Spanish Courses in Delengua School

Learn to dance...

At Delengua we offer Spanish courses throughout the year, and give you the opportunity to get closer to the world of Flamenco through our Flamenco Dance Course and Flamenco Guitar Course.

Andalusia is the best region to learn and get to know Flamenco, as it was born here. In Granada you'll enjoy Flamenco shows in the "Tablaos" of the Albaicín and the Sacromonte (the gypsy neighborhood of Granada).

Medical Spanish Course

The Medical Spanish course offered by Escuela Delengua is aimed at all those working in the healthcare sector who are interested in improving their medical vocabulary in Spanish, and if they wish, in preparing for the Chamber of Commerce examination to obtain the Certificate of Medical Spanish from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Our Medical Spanish Course is recommended for any person interested in gaining a knowledge of medical language.

Spanish, environment and sustainability scholarship in Granada

Escuela Delengua has launched this scholarship aimed at those who are interested in the environment and in sustainability in general and who, at the same time, wish to improve their Spanish. The scholarship - which will take place in Granada, in the south of Spain – will allow those who take part in it to discover current environmental issues and the progress that we are undertaking in the field of sustainability. Those in receipt of the scholarship will also receive various individual classes which will help them to improve their Spanish.