Medical Spanish Course

The Medical Spanish course offered by Escuela Delengua is aimed at all those working in the healthcare sector who are interested in improving their medical vocabulary in Spanish. This course can also prepare you to take the Certificate of Medical Spanish from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Our Medical Spanish Course is recommended for any person interested in gaining a knowledge of medical language.

  • Classes: 4 daily classes (Intensive Course) plus 2 additional daily medical Spanish classes
  • Starting: every Monday
  • Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Levels: from B1
  • Groups: 1 to a maximum of 5 students per class

First part

In the first part of the Medical Spanish course, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge both of the medical language used by doctors and nurses from all specialities and of the language used by a patient when speaking to a doctor. The medical vocabulary you will be taught ranges from the doctor’s surgery to hospitals, also including equipment, diseases, tests, etc. 

It is very important to differentiate between the linguistic variations in both groups of speakers, and for this purpose we use a large number of real, practical examples in our classes.

Second part

In the second part of the course we focus on the more in-depth study of the different specialities and fields of Medicine, from the patient’s description of their illness through to diagnosis, looking at the hospitalisation process, treatment, surgical intervention, etc. along the way.

In this part of the course, we adapt to the requirements of each student according to the field of Medicine in which they work, also taking into account the objectives and content set out by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which can be seen below. On finishing this stage, the student will be prepared for the practice of general and specialised Medicine, and will have a thorough knowledge of the specific language involved. 

All of the learning material will be provided by Escuela Delengua, who will also attempt to obtain any other related material that the student may request.

Content of the Basic Certificate of Spanish for Medical Sciences from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Theoretical Content of the Basic Certificate of Spanish for Medical Sciences

Be able to accurately understand a patient's medical record

1. Grammatical points:
Study of the syntactic and lexical structures of Spanish, in line with the intermediate level of the Instituto Cervantes’ curriculum plan.

2. Communication:
Introduction to basic communication in the world of healthcare and the specific language that is closely related with this.

The outpatients’ department as a place of attending to and caring for the patient: organisation and activities.


Practical Content of the Basic Certificate of Spanish for Medical Sciences

1. Oral expression and comprehension: Speaking in basic healthcare situations. Greeting, advising and giving information to a patient or visitor. Setting up a consultation, appointment or interview with a patient. Taking notes during a phone conversation or a patient interview. Understanding explanations or simple instructions in medical practice. Initiating and maintaining contact via telephone.

2. Written expression and comprehension: Basic techniques of writing the main medical and medical administration documents. Understanding and being able to use any practical document of a basic level. Accurately understanding a patient’s medical record and admission notes, being able to respond, to some extent, to these. Understanding and being able to summarise any text disclosing medical information. Writing patient records, notes, messages, etc. Filling in questionnaires or healthcare forms at a basic level.