About us

Escuela Delengua is managed by ENEBI & TALEN SL, located in Calle Calderería Vieja 20, 18010 Granada, Spain, CIF B-19630920, registrated in the commercial register of Granada, volume 1624, 163, page No. GR49.960, 1a.

Our values

In Delengua we strive to teach Spanish in all its aspects: cultural, social, historical, gastronomic, etc. That´s why we complete our studies with cultural activities which round up students program. In addition, we offer the possibility of living in one of our host families.

We stand for tolerance and coexistence with different cultures. Our main aim is to spread Spanish all over the world. We believe in flexibility as a starting point while giving a personalised service to each student, considering his individual situation, work and location circumstances.


The best way to learn Spanish is to live it in the Delengua familiy.


We offer Spanish courses and focus on each student to meet the needs of absolute beginners as well as of advanced students. Due to the dynamic way of teaching and the involvement of teachers and students, we try to create not just an academic but also participative atmosphere with possibility of growth and development. We value a multi-faceted learning, including grammar as well as oral and linguistic immersion to understand the Spanish culture and the roots of the language.


Our values are:

  • Individual, personal and familial support.
  • We like to see how the student is progressing.
  • Constant growth.
  • Get to know Spanish as a language and culture.
  • The student´s progress is our success and makes us happy
  • Our goal is for Spanish to be a spoken, known and inclusive language.
  • Our small team offers a high quality service adapted to student´s needs.
  • Delengua does not have clients, but students who are part of our family.
  • We dare to be different.
  • Our indisputable values are: tolerance and respect, equality, ethics, honesty, transparency and taking care of the environment.

Our team

The management team is integrated into schools daily life:

  • In administration and management: supporting first consultations, inscription, courses and doubts during your stay until departure.
  • In the lesson as well as in the teaching team.
  • In supporting groups, their consultation, preparation of programs and budget as well as the departure.
  • In the accommodation, from the request for information, arrival, stay and departure.
  • In the design, planning and development of activities.
  • In promoting the school.
  • In student´s and employee´s evaluation:

Regarding to courses, activities, accommodation, customer service, complaint and suggestions.

Our philosophy

  • Native teachers with experience and the willingness to improve their teaching and their in own way of teaching
  • Reduced groups between 3 and 10 students for the intensive course, between 1 and 5 students for the special course and between 3 and 10 for the VIVE GRANADA course.
  • Comfortable and equipped classes for 1 to 14 students.
  • Two blocks, which are integrated to the class: grammar and conversation.
  • Individual classes.
  • Spanish lessons within the ELE of the Cervantes Institute (levels according to the Council of European Language)
  • Weekly review of levels.
  • Intermediate levels adapted to the rhythm and efficiency of each student.
  • Flexibility for changes of the level.
  • Dynamic, participative and cooperative classes.
  • Integration of leisure, social, cultural activities.
  • Activities outside the school.
  • Reference material for students.