Spanish for Tourism Course

In this course you will learn Spanish that is specifically applicable to tourism. We focus mainly on communication, but will also adapt the course to your specific needs.
Complementary course to the Intensive Course:

  • Classes: 4 classes daily (Intensive Course) plus 2 additional daily classes on tourism
  • Starting: every Monday
  • Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Levels: from B1
  • Groups: 1 to a maximum of 5 students per class

Complementary course to the Intensive Course (you will have 4 Spanish language classes daily as well as 2 Spanish for Tourism classes per day).

Our Spanish for Tourism course is aimed at all those who want or need to learn Spanish specific to the world of tourism. Spanish and tourism are directly related, and if you learn Spanish for tourism, you will increase your work possibilities in this area. If you work in the field of tourism, or you are studying a related subject, Escuela Delengua’s Spanish for Tourism Course will be of interest to you.

Content of the Spanish for Tourism Course

In our Spanish for tourism course, we give priority to communication, working with practical situations from the world of tourism. As the groups are small, we are always open to your suggestions as to what could be studied throughout the course. Some topics included in the Spanish for tourism course:

In the hotel

  • Reception: reservations, cancellations, complaints, customer service over the phone, greeting and saying goodbye to a client, presenting the bill.
  • In the restaurant: catering and other services.
  • Trips and excursions: giving information on sites of interest, weather conditions.

In the travel agents

  • Functions of the travel agency, types, employees.
  • The relationships between the travel agency and the hotel: sales, promotions. Relationships with clients: complaints, etc.
  • Types of holiday: adventure, culture, religion, guided tours, sustainible tourism.
  • Information and documents in the travel agency.


  • Travelling over land.
  • Travelling by sea.
  • Air travel: at the airport, on the plane.

We also focus on general topics related to tourism as a business sector

  • Hotels near the Alhambra
  • The business side of organisating a hotel.
  • Professional profiles: interviewing candidates, etc.
  • Business meetings: trade fairs, expositions, conferences and conventions.
  • National and international promotion of tourism.