Spanish and Latin American Literature

In this course you will study the life and works of famous Spanish and Latin-American writers.
Complementary course to the Intensive Spanish Course:

  • Classes: 4 classes daily (Intensive Course) plus 2 additional literature classes daily
  • Includes visits to libraries
  • Starting: every Monday
  • Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Levels: from B1
  • Groups: 1 to a maximum of 5 students per class

The Spanish and Latin American Literature Course offered by Escuela Delengua is aimed at lovers of reading and anybody interested in learning more about the most representative authors and literary works from the Spanish-speaking world.

Content of the Spanish and Latin American Literature Course


We begin the Spanish and Latin American Literature course with a short introduction to literary theory: literary genres, rhyme and metre, figures of speech, and analysis of and commentary on literary texts; prose as well as poetry.


We continue with the history of Spanish literature, looking at the relationship between Spanish literature and historical events from the Hispanic world. You will study the most important movements, groups and literary periods from the 10th to the 19th centuries, such as the Renaissance, the Golden Age, and Romanticism; and you will discover the most representative authors and works of each movement, such as the famous Cervantes. We analyze poems and fragments of the great works of these literary periods in Spanish, in order to practice literary criticism as well as to gain a better understanding of each literary movement in Spanish.

Contemporary Spanish literature

Next, we move on to contemporary Spanish literature and to the literary movements of the 20th century (for example, the Generation of 27, Neorealism, and Postmodernity), where we consider the most important authors and works from recent times, such as Miguel de Unamuno and Ramón J. Sender. We read prose, poetry and theatre, and the most representative authors and works are presented.  

Well-known authors

In the final part of the Spanish and Latin American Literature course, we focus more closely on somre representative figures from Spain and Latin America, for example, Pablo Neruda, Antonio Machado, Gabriel García Márquez, or the famous writer from Granada, Federico García Lorca. We look at their lives and works, and analyse some extracts of their writing. We do not focus on one specific type of literature, but look at poetry, theatre, and the novel.


The content of our Spanish literature course is very flexible: if you are short on time, or not interested in a specific topic, the course can be altered slightly; if there is a specific author or literary period which interests you more, you can focus more on this; if you want to read more outside of class, we can recommend you books.