Spanish, environment and sustainability scholarship in Granada

Escuela Delengua has launched this scholarship aimed at those who are interested in the environment and in sustainability in general and who, at the same time, wish to improve their Spanish. The scholarship - which will take place in Granada, in the south of Spain – will allow those who take part in it to discover current environmental issues and the progress that we are undertaking in the field of sustainability. Those in receipt of the scholarship will also receive various individual classes which will help them to improve their Spanish. We will also analyse and improve the sustainability of the school and its carbon footprint. In order to apply for the scholarship some prior knowledge in the field of environmental issues is required, but above all a great interest in the subject and in practicing and improving their Spain. Granada, the Alhambra, the historic neighbourhood of the Albayzín or the Sierra Nevada provide the perfect setting for studying the environment and sustainability.

Characteristics of the scholarship

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Number of scholarships: 2
  • Dates to be chosen by the student: between 18.04.2016 y el 23.12.2016 (except August)
  • Aimed at students, over 18, whose native language is not Spanish
  • Minimum level of Spanish: Intermediate (B1)
  • Tasks: Improve the environement and sustainability of Escuela Delengua and Granada
  • Hours: 4 hours daily, from Monday to Friday. Flexible hours
  • Accommodation: Individual room in a shared flat in the centre of Granada
  • Spanish course: Individual course lasting 8 weeks. 2 classes a day from Monday to Friday

Specifications of the scholarship.

During the period of participation of the scholarship, the student will receive individual Spanish classes and will dedicate a minimum of 4 hours a day to work related to the environment. The tasks will consist in analyzing the sustainability of the school in order to later be able to come up with ideas and put protocols in place that improve it, and finally putting them into practice. These ideas and protocols could be related to recycling, to the consumption of electricity, to water usage or to whatever aspect will reduce our environmental impact.

The second part of work the student will have will consist in the same tasks but applied on a more general scale, that is to say, the analysis of the sustainability of the city of Granada. In this way, the student will have the opportunity to analyse some of the most interesting and beautiful places in Granada, and be able to think up strategies to make them more sustainable whilst at the same time experiencing firsthand the culture and natural beauty of our city.

The scholarship includes accommodation in an individual room in a shared house or flat with other students which will be located at a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance from the school.

Learning Spanish in a practical way.

The scholarship looks to allow the student to improve their vocabulary and their spoken competence through daily contact with staff at the school, with the employees of the companies we work with and in general with the people of Granada. It is for this reason – as stated above – that a minimum level of B1 is required in order to take part in this scholarship. As well as this, in the afternoons, Escuela Delengua organises cultural and leisure activities which complement the student´s learning.

Environment and sustainability in Granada.

Sustainability and the protection of the environment are subjects of unquestionable current importance. The sun and wind that we get here in Granada make the city – as well as the rest of the south of Spain – a perfect place to exploit renewable energy sources. Water is another area into which the student must look and reflect. The scarcity of water is a recurring problem in the south, and as such the Sierra Nevada must be seen as an invaluable natural reserve. At the same time, it is one of the biggest natural parks in Spain and, as such, an inestimable biodiversity reserve. During the 2 months of the scholarship there will be the opportunity to visit places with traditional architecture, the historic quarters of the Albayzín and Sacromonte, as well as environmental projects.

Requirements for applying to the scholarship:

  • Student, 18 or over
  • Must not be a native speaker of Spanish.
  • Have as a minimum an intermediate level of Spanish (B1).
  • Comply with one of the following requirements:
    • Be a member of a non-profit organisation, charity or association related to the environment or sustainability.
    • Have experience of environmental initiatives. 
    • To have completed a study or any form of work that has made an organisation, company or building more sustainable.
    • To have completely any other form of environmental studies.
  • Write a cover lettter in which you explain why you wish to participate in the programme.

With this information, Escuela Delengua will create a list of scholarship candidates, from which we will select 2 with 3 others as backup. Although the fulfillment of just one of the requirements is sufficient to apply for the scholarship, it would be preferable that the candidate fulfill as many of them as possible.

How to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Send us your application.

  2. In the box marked ‘Comments’, write ‘I am applying for the environment and sustainability scholarship.’

  3. Let us know in that same box your motivation for applying and the requirements you fulfill. More value will be put on applications which have more of a connection to the conservation of the environment and to sustainability.


The dates for application to the scholarship are from 18.01. to 31.03.2016.

Our decision as to who the 2 selected and 3 backups will be will be published on our webpage on 08.04.2016.

The two students will be able to choose between the two of them when they would like to complete the 8 weeks between 18.04.2016 and 23.12.2016 (except August). The first to choose dates will be the first selected followed by the second student selected. The dates chosen should be different.

The scholarship "Spanish, environment and sustainability" winners 2016:

  • Maura Fancello (Italy)
  • Jumana Al-Shwimat (Jordan)

In case of cancelation of one of the winners, the substitutes are:

  1. Danica Pavlovic (Serbia)
  2. Michela Tudini (Italy)
  3. Amandine Gournay (Canada)

General conditions

  • Applicants to the scholarship must have student status as those who obtain the scholarship will have to be able to sign an agreement between their centre of studies (university, institute, college…) and Escuela Delengua to be able to take part in the scholarship, and this must be completed before arrival in Granada.

  • The school may ask for a video call or for additional information from the applicants during the selection process, if more information is needed from them about their CV or any detail therein.

  • The applicants to the scholarship guarantee that all their personal details sent via the online form are accurate and true, and authorize the use of these details by Delengua in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Data. The applicants authorize Delengua to publish their names and countries on the internet, social media etc. with the intention of publicizing the winners of the scholarship as well as the participants in the application process.

  • If Escuela Delengua considers that the knowledge, experience and links that the applicants to the environment and sustainability scholarship has are not sufficient, Escuela Delengua can declare this candidate void..

  • The accommodation in a shared flat with other students from the school that is provided by Escuela Delengua includes gas, electricity, water and wifi; it does not include food or hygiene products. The individual course, which consists of 2 classes daily – each 45 minutes long – from Monday to Friday, will be taken by one or more teachers of Escuela Delengua bearing in mind the preferences with regard to content that the student may have.

  • Those selected will have 7 calendar days to confirm by email that they accept the scholarship. Once this time has passed, if an email has not been received, the place will be offered to the next on the waiting list. After accepting the scholarship, the first student selected will have 14 calendar days to confirm the dates during which he or she would like to participate. After this the second student selected will also have 14 calendar days in which to confirm his or her dates which cannot coincide with those of the other student.

  • In the case of the student requiring a Visa in order to enter Spain, it is the responsibility of the participant to take the steps necessary to attain one from their nearest Spanish Consulate. The decision as to whether the student obtains a Visa or not is at the discretion of the Consulate and is not the responsibility of Delengua. The refusal to issue a Visa y therefore the inability to enter into Spain implies the loss of the prize, with no right to compensation

  • The completion of the online form implies acceptance to the terms and conditions, any failure to comply with these will result in exclusion from the competition.

  • The conflicts that may arise with the current competition will be resolved by Delengua at their own discretion and the terms and conditions will be updated.